Arts Program Liaison (Name to come)
Back to School BBQ/Spring Fling (Susie Mikolajewski and Lisa Allen)
Book Fair (Kathleen Schreiber)
Community Service (Teresa Wolownik)
Coyote Broadcasting Company (Kara Chine and Christina Slay)
Educational Fund (Nora Balikian and Mina Kessler)
Facebook Administrator (Haly Lewis)
Garden (Alison Borts)
Ice Daddies (Sean Barry)
6th Grade Jubilee (Lisa O’Coyne, Holly Bauer)
Ocean Week (OPEN)
Parent Education (Tammy Ezzet)
Photographer (OPEN)
Publicity (OPEN)
PTO Weekly Editor (Laura Amaya and Krista Bonano)
Red Ribbon Week (Krista Bonano)
Running Club (Julie Prior and Dina Chakamian)
Science Program Liaison (Terrie Whitmer and Kim Rockwell)
Solana Beach Schools Foundation (Heather Dugdale and Judy Hicks)
Spirit Wear Coordinator (Katy White)
Staff Appreciation (Jen Miller and Lauren Gill)
Student Directory (Megan Filipovic)
Study Buddies (Terri Summerhays)
Website Administrator (Tami Somich)
Yearbook (Brooke Russell, Judy Hicks)